1991 – €1,000 – Derbi DS50 (3 Images)

World champion of 1991 in excellent condition 100% original with registration. Works perfectly no rust or original 580kms correction, fluid overhaul and carburetor adjustment (electrolysis passage) very low insurance less than 80 euros per year, simplified maintenance is a chain and not a belt, electric starter or kicker, tires in good condition, it has alwaysContinue reading “1991 – €1,000 – Derbi DS50 (3 Images)”

Comments? – 1991 – €1,000 – Tunturi Hopper (9 Images)

Neat and shielded moped trade (orchid / standard). This makes it easy to register for a museum. -just serviced (e.g. casserole and tank cleaned); -new tires; -new setback; -new steering lock; service and instruction manual; – pile of spare parts included https://www.nettimoto.com/tunturi/hopper/2532978