1988 – €1,200 – Yamaha DT50 MX (7 Images)

DT50MX-1NN with 3kW in good condition. Seat cover is original + TOP! All plastic panels and rubbers are present and up to 2 cracks OK. Engine is wet. Include gasket set. Spark plug is new. Lighting, electrics, brakes, clutch good. ABE + 2 keys are included. Engine runs, track is correct, suspension OK, rims withoutContinue reading “1988 – €1,200 – Yamaha DT50 MX (7 Images)”

Comments? – 1988 – £1.500 – Yamaha DT50 MX Paris Dakar (7 Images)

Rare example of a DT50MX with Paris Dakar body kit. Bike runs very well and has been used on private land, it’s part of my collection however i now work abroad and need to thin out my toy box a little. It will come with V5 in my name, mileage is around 30k iirc, willContinue reading “Comments? – 1988 – £1.500 – Yamaha DT50 MX Paris Dakar (7 Images)”