1986 – €500 – Malaguti MRX 50 (3 Images)

I sell my bike because I don’t use it, it is in excellent condition in terms of engine and aesthetics. It has about 400 kilometers. I recently changed the fuel tap, the brake levers, the accelerator, the accelerator cable. It starts and drives very well. Only she has no registration document. https://www.leboncoin.fr/motos/1787806612.htm/

1986 – €950 – Peugeot Country MX (3 Images)

To grab because very rare, moped type bmx with motor of mark Peugeot model country MXR of 1986. In very good condition for the age and type of use! Works and starts perfectly even if a revision is preferable to be quiet. Clutch on the handle ok, lighting ok, hyper-swift moped with very short transmission.Continue reading “1986 – €950 – Peugeot Country MX (3 Images)”

1986 – €990 – Malaguti RGT 50 (13 Images)

Very rare bike and in perfect condition apart from the plastic of the rear light visible in the photo. The only thing that is not original is the approved muffler. Old type booklet that does not require passage. Franco Morini T4 Gsa engine with water pump and very rare electronic ignition. https://www.ebay.it/itm/Malaguti-Rgt-50-1986-/233536118550

1986 SIS Sachs V5 (5 Images)

Apr 2020. tradera.com Swedish auction. £1,060.00 A Portuguese model in good working order. Goes incredibly well and super nice to drive, it feels sturdy and stable. Flaws exist just like all of us. Makes a very good overall impression. The engine is 5-speed sachs of 50cc and about 6hp, it is very reliable and durable.Continue reading “1986 SIS Sachs V5 (5 Images)”

1986 Jawa TWS50 (4 Images)

Apr 2020. tradera.com Swedish auction. £tbc Newly refurbished engine. New makes new weave section etc. original cylinder which is plugged. 17mm Bing copy carburettor. Works great in the engine. The kick spring fails as always on these mopeds, but it is extremely easy to start so nothing that directly interferes. All electricity works ie lightContinue reading “1986 Jawa TWS50 (4 Images)”