1976 – £4,995 – Testi Champion Super Veloce (12 Images)

Very rare bike in great condition. P6 Minarelli 6 speed engine. Fitted with DelLorto MB24A Carburettor. Front disc brake. I purchased this bike from a collector in France and had it shipped over to the UK. It has stood on display for a number of years. Condition is very good. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1976-Gitane-Testi-Champion-Super-Veloce

1976 – £tbc – Fantic Caballero Regolarita 6M TX96 (12 Images)

Welcome to my auction for this very rare 1976 pedal start fantic caballero 50cc 6M TX96 Sports Moped Sixteener Special. I’m sure if you are looking at this you will know exactly what this bike is and how rare it is. It is the unrestricted version with the SHB 19 carb. The bike starts firstContinue reading “1976 – £tbc – Fantic Caballero Regolarita 6M TX96 (12 Images)”

Comments? – 1976 – £tbc – Honda PF50 Novio (9 Images)

I have the V5 registered in my name and here’s a link to a video of the moped in action https://vimeo.com/416984069. As it’s over 40 years old it’s considered an historic vehicle meaning it is road tax & MOT exempt you just need insurance. This has been SORN for a number of years and isContinue reading “Comments? – 1976 – £tbc – Honda PF50 Novio (9 Images)”

Comments? – 1976 – £2,995 – Serveta Lambretta Puma Cross 5V (6 Images)

Lambretta made by Serveta in Spain under license. Very rare moped yes it does have pedals and they do work. MoT and tax free and unrestricted. This moped is very, very rare in UK. There are others but they are not 5speed. In excellent original condition. It is registered and has v5 in my name.Continue reading “Comments? – 1976 – £2,995 – Serveta Lambretta Puma Cross 5V (6 Images)”