1973 – £2,500 – Beta Camoscio Cafr Racer (12 Images)

Very rare and very unique 1973 Beta Camoscio Cafe Racer. Italian import, only ever stood indoors on display, amazing condition, in stunning Ferrari red, runs and rides perfectly, really is a true Italian pocket rocket, it’s a very fast bike for a 50cc. I have the original corresponding Italian logbook and also the Nova registration,Continue reading “1973 – £2,500 – Beta Camoscio Cafr Racer (12 Images)”

Comments? – 1973 – £unknown – Testi Telstar Sport 50 (10 Images)

Perfectly restored, the Testi Telstar Sport 50CC from 1973. The chassis number is TS4 * 00625 *, comes with Dutch registration. It’s the one with the dual exhaust system. This Italian beauty drives perfectly, so drive home! https://www.lesanciennes.com/annonce/A271142-ventes-moto-testi-telstar-sport-50cc

Comments? – 1973 – £3,200 – Cimatti Sagitario S6 (12 Images)

This is an ORIGINAL machine, not an over-restored glamour queen. Don’t forget…they are only original once!!! It even has its original “Cimatti” pedal rubbers!!! It has been on display for some time but was running prior to it being laid up. Apparently these were incredibly quick little motorcycles, and were raced by crazy Italians, soContinue reading “Comments? – 1973 – £3,200 – Cimatti Sagitario S6 (12 Images)”

Comments? 1973 – $7,500 US – Honda XR75 (9 Images)

This 1973 Honda XR75 is said to have been refurbished by a shop in Phoenix, Arizona, prior to acquisition in 2012 by an Arizona collector who has kept it on static display since. Power is from a 72cc four-stroke single paired with a four-speed transmission, and the bike has been refinished in silver with redContinue reading “Comments? 1973 – $7,500 US – Honda XR75 (9 Images)”