1964 – €tbc – DKW ULM RT50 – Police (6 Images)

DKW Ulm, newly restored, very neat and rare National Police DKW for sale. This DKW is 95% ready. But is 100% complete. There is no registration yet. Frame and various parts have been blasted and then sprayed in the Epoxy and ground paint, after stickers have been sprayed in the original color under the clearContinue reading “1964 – €tbc – DKW ULM RT50 – Police (6 Images)”

Comments? – 1964 – €3,000 – Italjet Ranger (3 Images)

I sell this rare and very beautiful italjet ranger from 1964 completely restored, lots of parts from Italy or Belgium because very little of this model in France, new 3-speed minarelli engine, this cyclo is in perfect condition ideal for connoisseurs, for camping because or other collector https://www.leboncoin.fr/motos/1779637159.htm/

Comments? – 1964 – €1,800 – Vecchietti (4 Images)

Viecchietti via montanaro S4 in excellent working order and in its original juice .just a small history court on viecchetti mopeds, it was in Milan in Italy a bicycle manufacturer c was put to make motorcycles with parts of Negrini with their brand, extremely rare motorcycle, there is only 1 for sale in Europe itContinue reading “Comments? – 1964 – €1,800 – Vecchietti (4 Images)”