1963 – €730 – OCM LD 50cc (4 Images)

Part of private collection, on sale for discontinued interest this very rare O.C.M. model LD 50cc single-speed centrifugal clutch from the early 60s. Produced at the castle of Godego it was sold in the then 1963 by a dealership in Forlì. The bike has had a conservative restoration, and is completely original, functional and completeContinue reading “1963 – €730 – OCM LD 50cc (4 Images)”

1963 – $2,500 US – Garelli Rex KL75 (12 Images)

A fun, rare gem. Beautiful original condition, clean, mechanically sound, no oil leaks started on occasion for maintenance. All original except for air filter.  Garelli Motorcyles have a competitive history in Grand Prix small engine motorcycle racing in Europe throughout the 20th century. This Rex KL75 is a excellent example of Garelli’s heritage and aContinue reading “1963 – $2,500 US – Garelli Rex KL75 (12 Images)”

Comments? – 1963 – €1,200 – Peugeot BB3 SP (3 Images)

Hello, I am selling my 1963 Peugeot BB3 sp today. It is a motorcycle that rides very well, very pleasant to ride. The carburettor was changed by a Dellorto 15 for better reliability and to save a few kilometre-hours on the road. Motorcycle already registered. The bike has been completely restored and many parts areContinue reading “Comments? – 1963 – €1,200 – Peugeot BB3 SP (3 Images)”

1963 – €630 – Solex S 2200 (3 Images)

SOLEX S 2200 from early 1963, and stayed in the family since that day. It is 100% original and has hardly rolled, works perfectly, and has never been repainted, the golden threads are still present. A small restoration was made with a complete overhaul of the fuel circuit, carburetor pump, tank cleaned … then exhaustContinue reading “1963 – €630 – Solex S 2200 (3 Images)”

1963 Simson KR 50 (26 Images)

Apr 2020. Catawiki auction. Est £1,250 Simson KR50, the forerunner of the “Schwalbe”. Restored, original details have been kept. Original colour: “Hamerslag” (hammer-stroke) blue with cream. The Simson was restored 3 years ago and has been used very little since. Inspected by the Dutch vehicle authority in February 2018 (invoice available). It drives, shifts andContinue reading “1963 Simson KR 50 (26 Images)”