1969 – £tbc – Raleigh RM8 Post Office Spec (12 Images)

Ex Post Office Raleigh RM8, PO serial number T281332. I am led to understand that there are very few genuine PO RM8’s that survive. Ideally this bike should be in a museum. With loads of provenance, the RM8 was one of a batch purchased by the Post Office in 1969 and was delivered to Falkirk in Scotland in November 1969 T281332 was unused and was allocated to another Scottish delivery office but again not used and returned to Falkirk in June 1970. After a further 2 years in storage the RM8 was sent to Shrewsbury in 1972. Again the RM8 remained unused and still unregistered. That was until the bike was transferred yet again to Newport in South Wales and at long last registered as CDW589L in January 1973 almost some 4 years after its original purchase by the Post Office. The serial number prefix T indicates that the moped was intended for telegram delivery. However, it is very likely that the bike had been used for postal delivery as well. The last movement of the bike in Post Office service that we know of, is that it was reallocated again to the Cardiff Mail centre in September 1973. I have owned this bike since 2011and over time it has been largely rebuilt with many new parts. Work carried out includes. Engine rebuilt with new bearings and seals, piston rings and gaskets. New clutch assembly, drive belt. New carburettor and air filter and fuel tap. HT Ignition coil and condenser. Tyres and tubes, pedals and reupholstered seat.


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