1971 – £tbc – Puch Maxi N (11 Images)

The bike was stripped back to bare metal and repainted in the original blue and finished with new original decals. Many new components were added including new barrel and piston/rings, engine gaskets, carburettor, all ignition system, full chrome exhaust, pedals, handlebars, switches, all cables, both chains and tensioner, , drive sprockets, saddle and saddle post, wiring harness, front and rear lights, steering lock, fuel tap and hose, front and rear tyres and tubes, brake levers and perches. The parts bill alone for this bike is over £500 (on top of the original bike cost!) Other components such as mudguards, rack, pedal arms, crash bars etc were cleaned, stripped and re-painted. Most of the nuts and bolts were replaced. The wheels, whilst having light pitting of the chrome were considered serviceable and cleaned up but if you want to bring the bike fully up to like new could be considered for work in the future. We had decided this job could be one for a few years time. The bike starts and runs and pulls strongly as well as steers and brakes well. The speedo, which was originally ok seems to have gone to sleep on my test ride this morning but replacements are only about £20 if it cant be “awakened”. Tickover is a little erratic but I am running it on a high oil mix (because of the new engine) but once it is revved it runs very smoothly. Great fun to ride.


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