1983 – €1,399 – Hercules Prima GT (7 Images)

For sale is a Hercules Prima GT from 1983 with a unique special paint. The moped runs perfectly and has a 3-speed manual transmission. The original operating license is available. Small tuning work (manifold, carburetor, air filter) was carried out, which can be easily undone. The original parts are available and will be given. A luggage rack is installed and included. The GT was overhauled in 2014. The work was: – Complete repainting in metallic black – Silver rim painting – New rear shock absorbers – New exhaust and manifold (P3 manifold) (original manifold is available) – 12 carburetor (original carburetor is available) – Racing air filter (original filter is included) – new tires and tubes – new Bowden cables – Engine blasted with ice and resealed – Pedal crank newly stored and sealed – Chain renewed. The following minor shortcomings exist because the moped was still being moved: – Small paint damage to the front panel (from a transport) – Speedometer cable probably defective (speedometer jumps)


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