1977 – $tbc US – Italycar 77 60cc 1/2 Scale – No 05 (7 Images)


This 1977 La Ferrarina 77 is #5 in a series of 1/2-scale replicas built by Italycar of Bologna, Italy in tribute to the Ferrari 312T2 driven by Niki Lauda during the 1976 Formula 1 season. The fiberglass body features period-style livery and is mounted over a tubular space-frame, while power comes from a replacement Chrysler Marine Power Bee single-cylinder engine mated to a two-speed gearbox. Additional equipment includes Veglia instrumentation, disc brakes, and adjustable suspension. A new starter button and sheet metal were installed in 2019 along with removal of the suspension, brakes, engine, carburetor, fuel tank, and other items for cleaning. This La Ferrarina 77 was acquired by the selling dealer in 2020 and is now offered with recent service records and a Florida bill of sale.

Italycar initially planned a run of 100 Niki Lauda 312T2s, though just 12 are said to have been ultimately produced. This example features red and white livery with period-style sponsor logos on its fiberglass body along with side mirrors and a single brake light. The car measures approximately 106.5″ long, 51″ wide, and 26.75″ tall.

Alloy wheels are 6″ in diameter up front and 11.5″ out back, and wear Goodyear-branded rubber. The fully-independent suspension features adjustable sway bars and rear coilovers, while braking is handled by hydraulic rear discs mounted inboard. Service performed in 2019 included polishing the wheels and filling the tires with foam as well as disassembly, cleaning, and lubrication of suspension, steering, and drivetrain components.

The cockpit is trimmed in black carpeting and features a Momo steering wheel and Veglia instrumentation consisting of a 12k-rpm tachometer and gauges for coolant temperature and voltage. A new starter button was installed and the accelerator, brake, and choke cables were adjusted in 2019 along with cleaning of the carpets, wire harness, and circuit board.

A Chrysler Marine Power Bee Series 820 two-stroke single replaces the factory 60cc BCB unit. The 2019 service included disassembly and inspection of the bearings and seals, installation of a new drive belt, and a carburetor rebuild. The engine is said to run, though the kart has not been driven under current ownership.

Power is sent to the rear wheels via a two-speed transmission featuring a reverse gear. Additional chassis photos can be seen in the gallery, and a video of the engine idling can be seen below.


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