Comments? – 1979 – £1,250 – Suzuki FM50 Landie (11 Images)

The Landie is a two-stroke automatic with a high-low gearing switch on the left side of the engine. It is kick start and the kick lever can only be engaged when the brake lever is depressed. It has a large rear rack and bracket on the front for a basket. It operates on 6-volt electrics. Mini bikes like the Monkey and Dax have been shooting up in price over the last couple of years so if you want something quirky, small and fun you can easily find yourself digging deep into your pockets. Not so with this wonderful little machine. The Landie is enjoyable and unusual, easy to pop into a motorhome, and something that will more than likely raise a few smiles and maybe the odd wave as you pass by. And it won’t cost much to buy or run. This one is not immaculate. We try to bring in clean, original bikes and that is what we have here. Very low mileage but, being over 40 years old (MOT and tax exempt, folks!) there are some spots of corrosion here and there. Overall, though, she is in remarkable condition, both cosmetically and mechanically.

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