Comments? – 1972 – £tbc – Puch Maxi N (11 Images)

This is a matching numbers UK bike. I bought it after it had been stored and undertook a lot of work to return it to its current condition. This involved stripping the frame back to bare metal and painting plus the following new parts were fitted (at great cost):- 2 Tyres and Tubes, New wiring harness, Lighting and horn control switch, Steering lock, Drive chain and pedal chain, pedals, Brake shoes, Fuel tap and fuel pipe, Plastic side finishers in grey and matching cable cover, Saddle, Exhaust, Air filter, transmission oil, chain tensioner, Mudflap, Grips, Cables for throttle/front brake/rear brake/speedo/clutch, Mudflap, Coil, Points, Condensor, HT Lead, Plug cap and spark plug. In addition I rebuilt the carb, stripped and checked the engine (which was in excellent condition) and replaced all gaskets. A lot of the chrome had rust pitting (it is nearly 50 years old after all) when I bought it and this rust was removed and painted with a Stainless steel coating. It is more than serviceable but if you wanted to bring this back to a concours standard (I wanted just a reliable and presentable bike for my motorhome) then you may wish to add handlebars, wheel rims, rack etc at some point but they are fine as they are in my opinion and I really had invested more than I planned already in the rebuild. It starts and rides but it does have a bit of hesitancy from about 15mph upwards but this is I believe the carb jet. It feels like fuel starvation but I had to take a guess on the carb jet size when i ordered it and it probably needs to go up a size or two. They are only about £3 from and can be fitted in minutes. Remember, this is a basic 2 stroke so nothing is difficult to tune:-).

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