1964 – £6,250 – Honda C102 Boss Roadster (12 Images)

In the mid 1960’s in the U.S sales of the C100 (early version of the C50) and the C102 (electric start variant) were beginning to slow. Honda America in conjunction with Honda Japan decided to create four different custom kits, which could be sold by dealers alongside the bikes. The idea being you purchased your brand new C100/102 and then purchased one of the kits. The kits, which came in two boxes, one from Honda America, which contained specific custom made parts, and one from Honda Japan, which contained parts taken from other models. These would then be fitted for you by the dealership and you would collect your new bike ready built in one of four styles. The four styles were the Roadster, Boss, Student and Rally, all boasting a different look. The problem with the concept was customers were really wanting a boost in performance and bolting on additional parts didn’t deliver this. This meant sales were poor and by 1968 Honda was selling complete kits to dealers for just $10 each. The ones that were fitted to bikes by dealers degraded with the bikes and ended up being scrapped. The kits that weren’t fitted were eventually returned by dealerships to Honda in exchange for credit or other parts. This makes these parts extremely rare. In fact, in new old stock condition these are some of the rarest vintage Honda parts to be found, with complete nos kits fetching thousands of pounds. This bike has two of the kits fitted, the Roadster kit, and the Boss kit. This is built on a C102, which is the electric start version of the C100, predecessor to the C50. I bought this bike from a collector a few years ago. It was already a Roadster and had been imported from the U.S. by the owner previous to him. I completely stripped the bike and rebuilt it with many nos genuine parts, including adding the Boss kit, at huge expense. I have taken it to bike rallies and shows, where it always draws a crowd and gets a great reception. This is the only bike of its kind in the U.K, there’s not many worldwide. The speedo shows 7 miles, which is the mileage I’ve done since it was built, with new old stock 1960’s genuine parts. Most of those miles are probably me pushing it into and out of the van when taking it to shows. I’ve ridden it a few times around a show ring. It’s never been ridden on the road, and this is reflected in the condition.


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