1969 – £2,700 – Indian M5A Mini Mini Bambino (9 Images)

Designed for small children, the Indian M5A, also known as the Mini Mini Bambino, was a mini bike designed to not only acquaint children with motorcycles, but the Indian brand as well. Simply put, the goal of the Indian M5A was to encourage older riders to share the Indian experience with their children while also raise a new generation of riders with a love for Indian motorcycles. The bikes themselves were actually made in Italy by Italjet and then imported and distributed in the US by Indian. Indeed, in the US there was a big following for these children’s bikes and even a race series. This rare example is a fully restored 1969 Indian M5A / Mini Mini Bambino, chassis #16 11379, with the 49cc Morini Franco S5K engine, with the unusual forward kick start. The restoration was carried out by a professional motorcycle restorer (who was also restoring a Brough Superior at the same time!), and is in fantastic condition. It starts and runs very well, with a top speed of about 10-12 MPH, limited by its absolutely tiny intake manifold. The M5A features a twist throttle and two hand brakes, one for each wheel, and given how tiny it is in just about every way, its estimated fuel consumption has been estimated at an impressive 200 miles per gallon! A fantastic way to introduce children to the world of motorbikes, or alternatively, given its rarity and fantastic condition, this bike would be a wonderful display piece in an office or as part of a collection.


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