1982 – £530 – Honda NC50 Express Deluxe (12 Images)

For auction is my Honda NC 50 Express Deluxe 2 speed Moped first registered 27-11-1982. I purchased this bike, rode it around the back garden a few times and then put it in the garage. I have recently taken the bike out of the garage and tried to start it, but it has not fired once. The engine turns over freely and there appears to be a spark, albeit a very weak one. Please note that I am selling this bike as a NON RUNNER as the engine will not start. I have the V5C in my name, but the bike does not have a MOT (in around two years’ time this bike will be tax and MOT exempt). Due to lack of MOT and the fact that the bike will not run, I am selling as spares or repairs. Please look at the photos for condition. The paint on the frame and side panels has crazed in places. The front mudguard has been stapled at the front (see pictures). The bike appears to be fairly original, and it looks as though all parts are present


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