Maserati 50cc Machines

Maserati (1953-1962):

A British importer advertised “will reach 110 k.p.h. (approx 70 m.p.h.)”, a claim perhaps a tad Trumpian. The story goes that another dealer, Gina Borri of Guido Borri in Modena, exclaimed when the first of the 50s arrived, “What is this ugly toad”. It sold so well that before long they were applying toad stickers to the front guard of the 50/T23/SS, which became known as the Rospo (Toad).

The motorcycle industry suffered badly in the late fifties due to the popularity of light, cheap cars like the Fiat Bambino, and Maserati struggled. Motorcycle production ceased in 1960.

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Maserati Featured 50cc Machines:

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