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Malaguti (1945-Present):

Company started in Bologna in 1923 by Antonio Malaguti making bicycles. Started making mopeds in 1958. By 1970’s, they had c30 models in their range, selling Europe wide. By 1980’s, the models were refined and improved, using engines from Yamaha and Minarelli.

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Founded in 1930 in Bologna as a resale and repair shop for bicycles thanks to Antonino Malaguti,[2] a 22-year-old who had been a young cycling promise in the mid-twenties, Malaguti soon became a velocipede manufacturer with an appreciated production, even if limited to the Felsineo area. Having escaped the bombardments of the Second World War, the company immediately resumed production and, given the enormous demand for means of locomotion in the post-war period, in 1949 it began to build an economical two-wheeler with a central beam frame of clear cycling derivation, equipped with roller traction with a Mosquito engine. In a slow and constant evolution, the same chassis was equipped with front and rear suspensions, drum brakes, capacious tank and 49 cm³ two-stroke engine of the German Espress Werke, completing the metamorphosis with the “Express” and “Express Sport” mopeds, put on sale in 1957. Until the first half of the sixties Malaguti’s production was directed exclusively to economic mopeds intended for the transport of goods and people, but the economic boom and mass motorization imposed the construction of mopeds for recreational use by fourteen-year-olds. In 1963, after concluding a supply contract with Motori Franco Morini, the 50 Gransport sports moped was presented and achieved good sales success, particularly on the French market where it was offered under the name 50 Olympique. In the second half of the sixties, the renewed version of the 50 Gransport, equipped with a showy double bilateral exhaust pipe, was joined by the 50 Roncobilaccio model, one of the first Italian off-road mopeds. In the following decades other models with good commercial success saw the light of day, such as the Fifty of 1974, one of the most successful tubes; in 1985 the Malaguti Runner 125, an enduro motorcycle, was presented.
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