Tunturi 50cc Machines

Tunturi (1922-Present):

The brand was very successful and within a few years the small shop was exchanged for a factory. By the 1950s the Tunturi brand was the domestic market leader in mopeds

Tunturi Related Information:

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Tunturi Featured 50cc Machines:

Tunturi Bike Models:

  • Tunturi Tuisku
  • Tunturi Maxi
  • Tunturi Automat
  • Tunturi Start
  • Tunturi Classic
  • Tunturi Sport
  • Tunturi Super Sport
  • Tunturi Trial
  • Tunturi DX
  • Tunturi Tiger
  • Tunturi Tiger S
  • Tunturi Tiger Air
  • Tunturi Tiger Aqua
  • Tunturi Hopper
  • Tunturi Magnum X
  • Tunturi City
  • Tunturi “Lähetti”
  • Tunturi Break
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