Raleigh 50cc Machines

Raleigh (1958-1971):

Raleigh’s first moped was introduced in 1958 with an engine designed by Vincento Piatti—the designer of Mini-Motor. Raleigh became part of the Tube Investments group of companies in 1960; this brought the Raleigh, Norman, Phillips and Hercules brands of moped under the same ownership. It was decided to license the Mobylette range of mopeds produced by Motobécane in France. A ‘stop gap’ based on the Sachs-engined Nippy aready being produced by Norman was sold in Ireland until the Mobylette-based models were in production. From then on, Raleigh, Phillips and Norman mopeds were effectively re-badged Mobylettes. The main exception to this was the Wisp, which, although it used Mobylette running gear, had an in-house frame. This frame was based on Raleigh’s RSW16 bicycle and was an attempt to take advantage of the ‘small-wheel’ boom being enjoyed in the cycle industry as a result of the success of the Moulton bicycle. Production of Raleigh mopeds ceased in 1971.

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Raleigh Featured 50cc Machines:

  • 1971 – Production of Raleigh mopeds ends

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